The Great Search For Self


I looked within myself and thought, ‘you can do this.’ What is it? You wonder. It’s the beginning of a self-discovery journey. Accept yourself first and strive to be the best version of yourself every day. A daunting task? True indeed, but what do you have to lose? Life is already difficult as it is and opportunities seem to dwindle and fade away right in front of you. Talent? Do you have what it takes? Are you immersed in an illusion because of the powerful name you bear? It seems like a tall order or some kind of enormous burden. Is it?

Are you hungry enough to drop everything right now and scour the earth until you manifest your heart’s desire? The question remains, how hungry are you? But wait, what’s the motive behind this sudden need for self-search? Is your mind in the right place? Are you doing it for a quick ego fix/boost or quick capital gains? Sounds like a drug dealer or an addict to me. You have to be in this for the long haul. Maybe you have come to realise why/what/who you truly are and or your life purpose. This is why everything else you’ve tried in the past didn’t work. Questions have to be asked in order to move forward to the next chapter and you know change is inevitable.


What can I do to make a change, not only in my life, but the world as a whole? I searched deeper within myself and thought, ‘you can do this.’ For a long time you have been running away from your true self. Who are you? Where are you coming from? Where are you going? Insurmountable difficulties ahead? The task proving too great even to attempt? The level of achievement in your family is so high you become nauseated every time you think about it.

From attaining university degrees to working in various industries but none of it seems to make your heart skip a beat, it’s all drudgery. At a tender age you used to call yourself the people’s employer not the employee. What happened? Let me guess, life happened, right? What university should have taught you is learning never stops, it’s a lifelong endeavour. Think of yourself in terms of a brand, always improving and promoting yourself. Invest in yourself and learn more because knowledge+action=power.

Making a big change starts with a small thought and a big feeling, which grows into a small step and another small step. Before you know it you are on an epic adventure. We’re living in the information age and there is something for everyone out there — all you have to do is search deep within yourself. Is your heart in the right place?


The aim is to live in accordance with your heart’s desire and if you do, whatever work you do will not feel like work. This information age does not conform to the rules of old: go to university and get a high paying job in a huge conglomerate and then move up the ladder. No! This information age encourages us to be our own bosses and use our own minds to create our own wealth and happiness. Accept yourself and acknowledge your higher self, and then manifest your own reality or circumstances necessary for your success.

You cannot run away from your true self. Everything starts from within and remember wherever you go, there you are! Mahatma Gandhi said, ‘there is no god higher than truth.’ Meditate, truly know yourself, and find out what makes you happy and excited. Find a way of making a living doing just that because you are the truth and you know it. Share your talent and teach others.

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