Month: December 2018

5 Content Marketing Trends Small Businesses Must Implement For Significant Growth In 2019

Your company must be already taking advantage of social media marketing in this Information Age. If not, then you’re still in the Stone Age in terms of business acumen. Social media marketing has become the catalyst for many of the new strategies moving forward. Most of the trends I’m going to mention complement social media marketing greatly.

In 2019, however, it’s all about increasing customer interaction and participation through amalgamated content marketing strategies. Customers need to feel more appreciated. Don’t dump the customer as soon as you’ve made your sale. Customers need to feel connected to the brand and that they’re part of a community. Trust in the brand goes a long way. Transparency is an intrinsic part of any successful company. …

20 Skills And Qualities You Need To Become A Spiritually Enlightened Lifelong Learner

When most people see or hear the word spiritual they instinctively think of religion. This makes them sceptical about the whole subject. Others think of wild-haired, heavily-bearded, weirdly-dressed and chanting people. Even though the latter is true to an extent, it only proves that spirituality is subjective. You don’t have to dress or talk a certain way unless you feel the need to.

You don’t have to be religious to be spiritual, I thought I’d get that clear before moving on. In today’s world spirituality is broad and there’s no single definition for it. I believe we’re a part of and made from something bigger than us.  I refer to this higher power as God. Other people call this Universal Intelligence, Divine Oneness, Life Force, Infinite Energy, Pure Consciousness and many more. The underlying premise is somewhat the same. Your purpose is revealed when you’re in harmony with your higher self. I believe in helping others, curiosity, creativity and wisdom. These things help me in my spiritual journey. …

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