Hi! Welcome to Lifelong Learner Lifestyle

I’m Graham Shingai Mungoshi — I’m a writer, entrepreneur and  lifelong learner. I’m fascinated with self-improvement in all areas of life and strive to be the best version of myself on a daily basis.

Lifelong Learner Lifestyle is committed to sharing techniques on personal development and spiritual growth. Advice on starting and growing an online business using content marketing.

This is a platform for helping myself and others become self-motivated and devoted to improving knowledge, capabilities and life skills. It’s all about finding out how we can constantly apply what we learn to live happier and satisfying lives.

It all started after I realised I was turning into an information junkie and also developing learners syndrome. A term coined by Joey Clover, learners syndrome is when a person is continuously on a pursuit to learn but never truly applying the knowledge. I had to stop and think twice.

Knowledge Without Action Is Wastefulness And Action Without Knowledge Is Foolishness. Al Ghazali

The mission of Lifelong Learner Lifestyle is about learning and teaching simultaneously, thereby creating a community of spiritually aware lifelong learners. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an expert or not and this is not your typical traditional lifelong learning educational website. We’re here to grow intellectually and spiritually together in this hectic and volatile world.

According to Wikipedia (this is the best definition in my opinion):

Lifelong learning is the “ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated” pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons. Therefore, it not only enhances social inclusion, active citizenship, and personal development, but also self-sustainability, as well as competitiveness and employability.

Lifelong Learner Lifestyle is dedicated to sharing techniques on personal development and spiritual growth through lifelong learning and spiritual awareness.  As an entrepreneur and a spiritually aware lifelong learner, it’s my duty to do the following:

  • Exploring ideas and knowledge to help entrepreneurs and small businesses grow by using content marketing.
  • Information and guidance on how to start and run an Affiliate Marketing or a Print on Demand online business.
  • How to be the best version of yourself on a daily basis by living an inspirational, motivational and spiritual lifestyle.

As Within, So Without

Everything starts with an idea and we’re living in an era where information is abundant and readily available. Nothing can stop us and as we nurture our mind, body and spirit we can grow to unfathomable heights. You’ll realise the opportunities are endless by searching deep inside yourself. Furthermore, by adopting a growth mindset you become resilient to negative energy.

As Neil deGrasse Tyson puts it – we’re made from stardust. As much as we’re in the universe, the universe is in us. Get your inner world in order first and you’ll start to see positive results outside, everything you desire will come into alignment. Visualise greatness but always live life in the here and now.

Uplift Yourself – Uplift Others

I discovered that the best way to achieve mastery over something is to teach it. That’s why I like the phrase: learn to teach, teach to learn.  We’re all made from the same stuff and connected in more ways than you can comprehend. Read More Learn More Change The Globe.

DISCLAIMER: I should let you know that I’m not claiming to be an expert on the topics I address. As a lifelong learner I’m curious, I love researching, reading, writing and experimenting. This is a platform for sharing ideas, skills, information and knowledge. Everything comes from what I’ve gathered and still gathering along my entrepreneurial and life journey. Join me for the ride whether you’re starting an online business, graduate, a budding blogger, entrepreneur, small business owner, school leaver, student, professional or someone in search of inspiration and motivation.

Welcome to the Community of Spiritually Aware Lifelong Learners. Enhance your  life skills and live unapologetically. Be the master of your fate. Keep your mind, body and spirit nourished.